Catering Truck TKN-SP40/00

Catering Truck

Model TK-SP40/00
Shipping dimensions
Overall dimensions 7000*2200*3320 mm
Gross vehicle weight 8000Kg
Functional features
Body dimensions 4600*2200*3400 mm
Front platform rising range 2400-4100 mm
Fix platform width 1750 mm
Fix platform length
Mobile platform width 1000 mm
Mobile platform length
Mobile platform move range( left /right) 500 mm
Mobile platform move range(front/rear) 500 mm
Door width 2000 mm
Main components  
Chassis Isuzu
Transmission MSB-5SM
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L) 90
Fuel oil tank capacity (L) 100
Extinguisher (Kg) 4
Safety equipments


It is equipped with Head Lights, Rear Lights, Turn Signal Lights, Flashing Beacon and Hazard Lights etc. Emergency electric pump, Manual pump and Safety interlock are designed for emergency operation and safe operation.
Optional equipments
Air-conditioner type
Wheel blocks
Transmission type
Transmission model