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From the house of NGAGE, we bring to you a range of water dispensers for your home and office. We aim to provide pure and safe drinking water solutions.With unmatched quality backed by performance, our dispensers are sure to delight you with ice cold water in the hot summer time and simultaneously also providing with boiling water whenever it is a tea time.


Water Dispensers are a blessing to contemporary times and provides great utility in today’s modern busy life. This simple equipment proves useful in providing healthy and fresh water almost anywhere, be it homes, offices, restaurants or other commercial hubs. Moreover, it also dispenses water at desired temperature, warm or cold, in no time. The convenience of the water dispenser in an Indian household can be many folds specially in extreme weather conditions. The dispenser can provide instant cool water in an Indian summer and again also provide hot water when needed, depending on the model you select.

Our product range includes easy to use and install Bubble Top Water Dispensers and can be installed anywhere according to your convenience. We bring you one of the cheapest and convenient Tabletop Water Dispenser . Built with a robust and durable structure, it serves a long life cycle and is worth the MONEY being spent. Our Tabletop Water Dispensers’ are greatly admired and appreciated for low cost and easy maintenance, best prices, superior quality and technically advanced techniques. The best benefit of Bubble Top Water Dispensers is the convenience of having cold water whenever you want and proves to be very convenient if you live in a hot climate, especially in Indian conditions.

Today technology has created ease in every aspect of life. Similarly, cooling or heating drinking water has become so much easy with the help of our “Drink Pure and Safe” water dispenser. This water dispenser is designed in such a way to provide efficient results and low maintenance. It has an anti-bacterial feature too. Since it is a table top model, it can easily be carried and placed at any part of my house as per your convenience. The water dispenser has classy/modern look and this great addition makes your kitchen more convenient and look smarter.

specifications- (Based on the product you select)

  • Table/counter top water dispenser
  • Hot Water Temperature and Heating Capacity: ≥90℃ 5L/h 5-Litre/hour heating capacity
  • Cold Water Temperature and Cooling Capacity: ≤15℃ 0.7L/H
  • 2 faucets
  • All The Plastic Parts Are Made Of Anti-Bacteria ABS Power
  • Cooling Power:75W; Heating Power:550W Operating voltage: 220 volts
  • 1year Guarantee


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