At NGAGE Services stretch from helping our clients and partners plan simple business tours to complex activities of setting up business and production entities. Solutions are provided towards Administration, Human Resource, Market Surveys, etc. NGAGE actively helps in planning and verification of scopes, management and control of costs and quality and help our clients to assess risks before moving into any venture in a new environment...

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The NGAGE Group over the last decade has ventured into varied industries. From trading to manufacturing, from heavy industries to light consumer goods, the group has proved its worth in all the sectors it has ventured. Presently the group focuses on four distinct categories—Steel trade, Refractory for steel plants and other furnaces, Machinery for the Iron and Coal mining sector on one hand and Aviation sector on the other and Drinking Water solutions...

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Partners & Locations

The NGAGE group works through a structure of partnerships with various manufacturing entities. It has gained the trust of its partners through a robust network of procurement and sales. With new areas of business getting added to the portfolio of the group, partnership with various entities has proved beneficial to all. The main facet of this engagement has been business development and strengthening ties with existing customers. Our forte lies in making one single occurrence of a business into a regular recurrence...

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