Human Resource Solutions

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A business enterprise is at the core nothing but a cluster of human beings coming together to make a venture a success. The better the human content of this cluster the higher is the probability of the enterprise to succeed. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”—and this is more true when it comes to the human resource of an organization. People management becomes all the more important when an endeavor is made in a foreign land. Without the right pilot landing might not be smooth and a venture might even collapse. At NGAGE, understanding this need of our partners we recruit professionals, maintain them at NGAGE pay rolls, help them get trained for the job and launch them in the field of action. A full-fledged dedicated desk of head-hunters caters to this need and we provide the following services.

Recruitment Solutions

Ngage provides recruitment solutions by identifying the right person as per the needs of its client. In the process of representing our clients’ from China, or from other countries we work as a single point of contact for them. We further provide end to end HR solutions by taking take of all HR activities including the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Joining formalities
  • Payroll activities
  • Employee insurance
  • Statutory compliance
  • Banking formalities
  • Adherence to HR policies as formulated by Ngage in consultation with its client

We are constantly in touch with our client and the end customer to ensure that there are no gaps and through our coordination we strive to achieve all round customer satisfaction. It is also important to ensure effective and timely communication in case of difficult situations and to resolve the same.

Training Solutions

In addition to the above HR activities, we also service our clients in the area of the “Training”. This is again driven by the need of the client, are custom made and as necessary to prepare the prospective employee for his/ her role. The ‘training’ modules available at Ngage include the following:

  • Business Presentation skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Cross cultural awareness
  • Grooming for interviews
  • Communication skills including Writing skills
  • Non Verbal communication
  • Time Management

Our additional Offerings in ‘Training’ for individuals or corporate houses include the following for individual or team development. These workshops are provided by in-house ‘Ngage’ professionals or in tie up with our partners with specialization in these areas. All the workshops are aimed for effective personal development and keeping in mind today’s global and fast paced working environment.

  • Team building exercises and working in groups
  • Stress Management
  • Train the Trainer
  • Building High performance teams
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Mentoring program for Managers
  • Negotiation and Assertiveness
  • Leadership skills