Electric Vehicle

Ronflant Motors is bringing you a varied range of electric three wheelers and two wheelers. Approved from iCAT the vehicles are ready to ply on the Indian roads and are eligible for bank finances and can have local RTO numbers with insurances. Our vehicles are top of the line in the market with design specialists focusing on safety without compromising the milage of any model.

❖ The powerful motor(s) with High Gauss technology propel the vehicle smoothly even at an angle of 15 degrees.
❖ The bold double layered chasis with newly designed springs offer a great stability for the passengers.
❖ Thick gauged body promises a long life and acid cured frames do not allow them to rust from inside.
❖ Body color is done from state of the art paint chambers and all the weldings are done by robots.
❖ Ronflant controllers are the best in the market. They are made of new tubes unlike the cheaper controllers which are made of used recycled tubes and thus gives to all electrical parts a steady and stable supply of requisite electricity.
❖ With the entire supply except the tyre and batteries from one brand, customers remain rest assured of spares availability from designated outlets.
❖ Our service professionals are there to support our outlets at a short notice.
❖ If booked in advance we can even provide custom color options at no extra cost.

Ronflant Motors:
❖ Making Quality Impeccable
❖ Keeping Price Affordable