Strategic Partnership

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Strategic partners have always been the focus for a business wishing to flourish in a not-so-familiar market. Choosing a partner is also a delicate matter. NGAGE Group focuses on innovative solutions to capture new sources of monetization for its partners. It supports successful implementations of its partners’ business interests in India, China and Bangladesh. Our mission is to serve organizations’ needs by expanding their reach to other countries with proper resources to manage projects, and by providing infrastructure support and handling procurement activities in an efficient manner. Having wide experience in working in some of the world’s most challenging environments, our vision at NGAGE is to advance proper implementation practices, always satisfying or surpassing our partners’ expectations. With the local reach at a global level, NGAGE offers its partners the logistical, technical and management knowledge they need and wherever they need it.

Our partnerships vary from stake holdings to having the exclusive rights on all activities related to overseas procurement, marketing and sales in the fields of Commodities, Industrial Consumables, Machinery, and Consumer Products. Our in-depth knowledge of the culture and functioning of the business world in the respective countries helps us facilitate our partners’ needs as well as ours. At NGAGE we offer flexible working structure for organizations across the board and respond to our partners’ requirements through an array of advisory services which include strategic planning, structuring projects, procurement activities, market intelligence and pricing and an overall strategic business management.