The NGAGE Group over the last decade has ventured into varied industries. From trading to manufacturing, from heavy industries to light consumer goods, the group has proved its worth in all the sectors it has ventured. Presently the group focuses on four distinct categories—Steel trade, Refractory for steel plants and other furnaces, Machinery for the Iron and Coal mining sector on one hand and Aviation sector on the other and Drinking Water solutions.

The group is entrenched in the Chinese steel production sector and has capabilities of sourcing semi-finished, finished and value added long and flat steel products for its clients. Its relationship with the steel makers of China helps to get the competitive edge that is needed to win a business.

In the sector of refractory, the group has strategic partnerships and enjoys exclusive marketing rights from Chinese manufacturers. Our strong sales and marketing team has been able to put our partners as leading suppliers of refractory in India. Not only we are a leading player in the field of finished shaped and unshaped refractory, but also we are now focusing on providing raw materials in the form of dead burnt magnesia and fused magnesia, graphite, resins, etc. to refractory manufacturers of India.

In the field of machinery too our engineers have proved their worth in designing and delivering of world class units for the mining markets of the African continent. NGAGE is also a proud partner of TECHKING, a leading Ground Support Equipment of the world in India for the purpose of marketing and after-sales services.

With the growth of consciousness about drinking water, the group has ventured into a field providing drinking water solutions. From simple water dispensers and Reverse Osmosis machines to designing of sophisticated fully automatic packaged drinking water plants NGAGE is poised to become a household name in the markets of the developing countries.