China Coal No. 3 Construction Corporation (Group) Ltd. is a large multi-industry and diversified State Owned Enterprise and the largest mine construction company integrating constructions by the common method, freezing method and boring method of China. The Group mainly works on coal and metallurgical mine construction, housing construction, mechanical electrical installation, and infrastructure construction of municipal public, highway, railway, tunnel and urban mass transit, as well as mine production, operation and management, real estate development, machine manufacturing, landscaping, etc.

The Group leads the first place in enormous potentiality, market shares, comprehensive strength and capacity for scientific research in China mine construction industry in the last eight years. It has 22 controlled companies and subsidiary companies, and 370 projects under construction, with annual revenue of 15 billion yuan and total assets of 17.5 billion yuan. In addition, it has 38,000 employees, of whom are 3000 technical staff members at intermediate professional titles or above, and 700 the first or second-level constructors; it has established 120 nation-class excellent teams, and has 17,000 sets of construction equipments with a total value of 3.5 billion yuan. The Group is granted with qualifications such as the special-class general contractor of mine construction, and the first-class general contractor of housing construction, municipal public, mechanical and electrical installation and highway engineering, with foreign project contracting and operation licenses, and has passed the certifications of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and GB/T28001-2011. Moreover, it has set up the national-recognized enterprise technology center, and a national engineering lab and a post-doctoral scientific research workstation for mine deep shaft construction technology. It was conferred with 21 state awards for invention and the national prizes for progress in science and technology, 180 national patents for invention and utility model patents, 11 national level construction methods and 46 provincial and ministry-level construction methods, and participates in compilation and revision of 12 national and industrial code criteria.

In more than 50 years since establishment, the Group has carried out construction in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions as well as Mongolia, Turkey, Pakistan and Laos, with extensive domestic and foreign project management experience. It wins worldwide acclaims of owners in virtue of high-quality, efficient, green and environment-friendly construction products. The Group keeps five world records and 38 Chinese records, and wins 190 high-quality projects at over provincial and ministry levels, of which are 5 Lu Ban Awards of the highest quality prize of China construction projects, 5 national level quality awards, and 60 Sun Cup—the highest project quality prize in China coal industry. Moreover, it was honored as the following honorary titles: National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Excellent Enterprise in the Coal Industry, Enterprise of Abiding by Contract and Being Trustworthy, Social Credit AAA Enterprise of China’s Construction, Scientific-technical Progress and Innovation Advanced Enterprise in the National Construction Industry, Top 100 Enterprises in Competitiveness in China’s Construction, Advanced Unit in National Equipment Management, National May 1st Labor Certificate, and National Ankang Cup Competition Winner.