Aviation Ground Support Equipment

ngage Aviation Ground Support Equipment

NGAGE is a proud partner of the GSE Leader from China SHENZHEN TECHKING INDUSTRY CO., LTD. in India who is a specialized ground support equipment manufacturer founded in 2001. It is the subsidiary company of the first public company in special vehicle industry, CHONGQING DIMA INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

Located in Baolong High Technology Industry Development Area of Shenzhen with a total area of more than 65,000㎡, and building area of 50,000㎡.TECHKING is equipped with a complete GSE manufacturing workshops and facilities including mechanical processing, surface coating, and final assembly, as well as hydraulic laboratory, electrical laboratory, buildings of material storage, general office, dormitory and a full set of advanced equipments and facilities for scientific research, manufacture and relevant tests. In India, with our branches in Kolkata & Hyderabad, we are committed to our clients.

In India TECHKING-NGAGE provides a complete Ground Support Equipment products in 18 series and over 50 different types including: Tow Tracotor, Snow Sweeper, Container Loader, Passenger Steps, Ground Power Unit, Catering Truck, Potable Water Vehicle, Lavatory Service Vehicle etc. covering three broad categories– Aircraft Servicing Equipments, Passenger Facilities Equipments, and Cargo Handling Equipments.